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Half Marathon Record broken by Japanese man in a Suit

Yuki Kawauchi, known as Japan’s “Citizen Runner” due to his refusal to accept corporate sponsorship, took an unorthodox approach to Japan’s Kuki Half Marathon. Kawauchi ran it in 1 hour, 6 minutes and 42 seconds, all while wearing a full business suit.

Kawauchi’s Kuki run also unofficially broke the world record for the fastest half marathon run in a suit by a whopping margin of 17 minutes and 59 seconds. The existing record will still stand, due to the fact that Kuki is not a Guinness-certified course. Kawauchi does not seem bothered, however, as he told Japan Running News: “But I’m glad that I could break the Guinness World Record unofficially. I got pretty sweaty and tired out there, but the people along the course loved it.”


Article credit: HYPEBEAST

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